NEW! Experience something unforgettable! This one of a kind close to nature experience will let you experience Lapland in a whole new way.

ArcticCampTent - Pokka.


This journey begins from our safarihouse, you´ll get the instructions to drive and get to know the driving regulations. Also changing the driving gears before the start.

Off we go!

ArcticCampTent Pokka, located in Pokka in Kittilä, in the middle of Lappish wilderness, is an innovative and high-end travel location and once in a lifetime nature experience designed especially for couples, families of 2-4 or for small groups of friends. This unique travel service combines an unforgettable experience with brilliant service, Finnish design, moving in nature using our muscles and local food and culture spiced with memorable stories.

The base for this experience will be Aapelinmäki, an atmospheric traditional log cabin located in the village of Pokka, 70km from Levi towards the north surrounded by large areas of government lands. Located near the cabin are two high-end glamping tents where you can stay comfortably in arctic conditions. You will be rewarded by the pure Lappish nature, local food, and the calm which puts things in perspective.

This authentic travel experience contains taking your time and enjoying leisure, as well as enjoying the small things, like the nature and quiet surrounding you. Getting to know the village of Pokka and its people. Heating up the cabin and wood-heated sauna. Taking time for yourself and relaxing. Sitting by the fire sharing stories. The possibility of seeing the northern lights. Life at the cabin just like it used to be, but with just enough modern comforts sprinkled on.

Please note

Our service is of high quality and is tailored towards small groups, which also allows for safety relating to the after effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. For overnight stays there are 2 glamping tents that each house 2 persons. The log cabin adds comfort by functioning as a reception as well as a breakfast area. It boasts a large main room and an atmospheric sauna.The cabin has no electricity, it is heated just like in the olden days with wood. The tents have oil and gas heating.

Once in a winter experience - an intimate snowmobile safari and a night in a luxury tent

You will be sure to fall in love with this experience. Our guided nighttime snowmobile excursion heads northward from Levi towards peace and quiet in the wilderness. Once you arrive you will spend a night in a luxury tent.

If you look at a map and go 70km north of Levi you will find the tiny village of Pokka. Located amidst wide wild government lands is a perfect location for snowmobile safaris. Moderate distances and the diverse Lapland nature along the way make the excursion headed there the highlight of the winter for many of our guests.The end point for this excursion will be Aapelinmäki, an atmospheric traditional log cabin. Add depth to your adventure by staying there at our exquisite location

This one-of a kind snowmobile safari includes an unforgettable journey and an overnight stay surrounded by calming nature, with a sky lit with thousands of stars above you. Located near our wilderness cabin are two high-end glamping tents where you can stay comfortably in arctic conditions. You will be rewarded by the pure Lappish nature, local food, and the calm which puts things in perspective. All of this while enjoying your own heated luxury tent. After breakfast you will get to enjoy the return journey from the back of a snowmobile.

Why choose this safari / What does it include?

  • 100% authentic Finnish safari experience Levi – Pokka – Levi
  • One overnight stay at one of our ArcticCampTent, Pokka - luxury tents
  • Meals at the cabin or in a local restaurant: dinner and breakfast
  • A professional guide as a host, their contacts, local knowledge and services
  • Own time and relaxing
  • Possibility of seeing the northern lights
  • Use of wood heated traditional sauna
  • Linens and towels



ca. 140 km


One night safari


Accommodation, breakfast, dinner, snowmobiles :

2 persons 749€  (374,50/ person)

The safaris include snowmobile rental, fuel, driving equipment, insurance, trail fees, instruction, service and VAT at 10%. In case of accident, the insurance excess does not exceed 800 €. The most powerful snowmobiles are subject to an additional charge. Safari prices are minimum 4 persons group.

If you own your own snowmobile, you can bring it along for a specially reduced charge. Enonvene Safaris Oy reserve the right to change the prices and programmes based on weather conditions. Cancellations must be made by 4.00 pm on the preceding day.

We accept cash and credit card payments (except for Amex).

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